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Volunteer – Announcer


Volunteer Position Description

The Announcer will be stationed in the Awards tent near the finish line and the water. They will announce races coming down the course, results, and general information throughout the regatta. Music can be played in between announcements and during breaks.

Upon Arrival:

  • Turn on all speakers and check them for proper volume
  • Ensure each speaker is covered with a garbage bag
  • Walk the line of cords and cables to ensure that they are tucked away safely
  • Check the microphone battery and mixing board connections

Announcements During the Event:

  • Announce races as they come down the course: Event, Race #, Crew in each lane. “Coming down the course is Race #12, the Novice Women’s 8+, Heat B. In Lane 1 – Rose City, Lane 2 – Green Lake, LAne 3 – Rogue Rowing, Lane 4 – Lake Oswego…”
  • Announce Results as they are posted. “And here are the results for Race 13, The Varsity Women’s 4+…”
  • Park Rules: No dogs allowed in the park; Park only in designated areas, do not block fire lanes.
  • Announce regatta Vendors & Sponsors

At the End of the Day:

  • Turn off all speakers and cover with large garbage bags
  • Pack away microphone and mixing board for the night
  • Turn on all speakers and check them for proper volume

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